An Independent Voice for City Council

It’s time we put aside partisan politics
on the city level to ensure that the city government works for every Harrisonburg resident.

Meet George

Councilman George Hirschmann has called Harrisonburg home for the past 20 years. After retiring from WHSV as the weatherman in 2016, George remained in Harrisonburg with his two cats, Bert and Ernie. Over the past four years, George has served the community in a variety of ways including as your city councilman for the past four years. During these four years, George has fought to get partisan politics out of local government. If re-elected George will continue to fight to ensure that the city government works better for all members of the Harrisonburg community.

Video Updates from George

On the Issues

After serving on the Harrisonburg City Council for four years, George knows first hand the issues facing the city. In todays unique polarized political climate and public health emergency, it is essential that the city has independent and non-partisan leadership that will ensure that businesses can reopen safely, that support and strengthen our education system and that we ensure that the city government is working for each and every one of our neighbors.